Florida Addiction Brigade is a recovery blog started by Amanda Tolle. Amanda is a 25-year-old recovering alcoholic from St. Augustine, Florida. She has met many recovering addicts and alcoholics in Florida, and she wanted to start a blog for all of them. Amanda has been sober for two years, and she is dedicated to helping other alcoholics and addicts on their recovery journeys, which is why she started this blog.

Amanda is in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and she has just become a sponsor to her first sponsee. She very much believes in the 12-step program and the transformation that it can cause in people’s lives. However, she understands that 12-step programs are not right for everyone, and she knows that everyone needs to find the recovery program that is right for them. This is why she wanted her blog to be a more general blog about recovery that people from all different recovery programs would be able to relate to.

Have a look around the website, and let her know if you have any questions or suggestions. If you would like to submit an article to be on the blog, please contact her on the contact page.