Why Do Recovering Alcoholics Stop Going to Meetings?

We all know 12-step meetings are not perfect for everyone. However, before you start hating on the program, you should stop to consider why it is turning you off. Here are some of the most popular reasons alcoholics stop going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

They have issues with all of the talk about God.

Some people interpret all of the “Higher Power” talk to be strictly about God. For the atheist, this can make someone uncomfortable. Some people get so caught up on this. However, just as some people cannot get anything out of a church service because they keep focusing on the things they disagree with, it might be that their resistance to the words “Higher Power” are causing them to miss out on a lot of positive things that would help them in their recovery.

They do not have a reliable way to get to meetings.

If someone doesn’t have reliable transportation, they may stop going to meetings. However, the other people who attend meetings are usually more than happy to give rides to those who are without a way to get to meetings.

They do not want to stop drinking.

Some people stop going to meetings because they are not ready for sobriety. If this is the case, there’s not much you can do. You are the only person who decides when you get sober.

They think they have heard it all.

Some people stop going to meetings because they become boring. These people feel that they know more than the people who are speaking or they feel like they have heard it all before.

They think they have mastered sobriety, and they get complacent.

Some people feel they do not need the meetings anymore because they feel they have already mastered the way to be sober and they feel they have already gotten everything they can out of these meetings. However, this is often when people relapse. By getting overly confident, they start to feel like they could handle having a beer here and there. And within a month, they usually spiral.

While it’s true that 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous are not for everyone, they are an extremely helpful tool for many different alcoholics. Before you decide how you feel about AA, make sure you are open-minded enough to give it an honest try.